Greetings from Groundsea Fitness

By Hollie Levy

Day one is in the books.

It was another beautiful day at Groundsea Fitness. Light snow flurries in the AM gave way to brisk, blue skies; perfect for our afternoon hike through Flag Rock.

Warm broth was waiting when we arrived back home. Massages followed by vinyasa flow yoga rounded out the day.

Dinner, as usual, was a work of art courtesy of chef Katie Gilligan. Eggplant Bolognese with black olives over zucchini pasta never tasted or looked so good.

Tonight’s evening activity, aura photography with Maia, gave everyone a lot to think about. An  aura is a radiance from the “energy field” around us, and  Maia’s images captured the our guests’ faces in a cloud of colors, which are believed to reveal answers to the mysteries of your soul.

In a recent article on the trend, The New York Times described these portraits as
“hazy, dreamy, streaked with blobs or arches of color that can be interpreted like tea leaves or your star sign.”

Goodnight Groundsea. Looking forward to an awesome day 2. #retreat #recharge #renew