Ground Sea Fitness Is Officially In Session…

By Tracy Gaslow

Another day, another fantastic everything!

This AM started with bullet proof coffee and a Groundsea fave for our post-yoga breakfast – sweet potatoes, banana and tahini carrot cakes with coconut-tahini syrup, local apple, crunchy pepitas and fresh nutmeg.

Rockstar chef Katie Gilligan also treated us to a demo on how to make bullet proof coffee, with a shout out to tech entrepreneur Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof and author of New York Times bestseller The Bulletproof Diet. Bulletproof coffee is black coffee with grass-fed butter and medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) oil mixed in. These healthy fats keep blood sugar levels stable throughout the day, avoiding the ups and downs that come with blood sugar spikes and dips.  (It’s also seriously delish.)

Next up on our schedule, a three-hour hike through Race Brook Falls and Mount Everett, with some rocky scramble thrown in. It was chilly, but we still managed to break a sweat.  Today’s lunch — cauliflower pizza crust replete with butternut squash, house-made romesco sauce, local Taft Farms Romanesco broccoli and radishes, garnished with local onion sprouts and drizzled with a parsley and garlic aioli — hit the spot. Lunch concluded with a demo on how to make a morning matcha smoothie, courtesy of the geniuses at Goop. (It’s super easy to make even if you are not Chef Katie.)

Afternoon fitness and a power stroll around the gorgeous grounds before in-room massages and restorative yoga capped a perfect day. (Some guests also enjoyed acroyoga with our Groundsea Fitness yoga guru Johanna Wise. Expect more on this fitness trend in an upcoming post.)

Dinner was a hearty white bean stew – perfect for a cold winter’s eve,  followed by acupuncture and essential oils 101 as an evening activity and now we are all turning in early – excited for tomorrow.

Goodnight Groundsea  #retreat #recharge #renew