More Dispatches from Groundsea Fitness

By Hollie Levy

Today was another action and adventure-packed day at Groundsea Fitness.

Morning meditation and yoga preceded our Sunshine Parfait breakfast. This multi-layered perfection includes mango, coconut and maple house made-yogurt; Groundsea gluten free granola; organic blueberries, raspberry and chia coconut yogurt; cashew and coconut cream and was topped off with organic fruit, nuts and hemp seed.

The sun was shining bright as we set off on what some guests thought was the most challenging hike to date. A steep 45-minute uphill climb and some rocks gave way to a breathtaking view atop Bear Mountain.

There was lots of bonding and chatter among guests as we traversed up the mountainside. Topics included favorite movie of all time (16 Candles was the clear winner), most recent binge watching experience (Stranger Things 1 and 2 took the prize), and favorite Saturday Night Live leading lady (Kate Mckinnon, obviously.)  As for the favorite character that she plays – the group was divided, but it was Ms. Rafferty who took first. (Here’s why), followed by Barbara Debrew.

Lunch was on the table when we arrived back at the house – veggie sushi decorated with purple and watermelon radishes, and for dessert (yes, we do take dessert here), we sampled another Goop Fave – the salted caramel date shake. It’s to die for, we all agreed. We added a touch of Prash (a blend of ghee, honey, adaptogens and medicinal mushrooms) for a sweet health boost.

Cryofacials, reflexology were offered during the afternoon – which also included a power stroll and a circuit/strength training class with GroundSea fitness director Allison Miller.

Dinner was a newbie for us  – six slice zucchini lasagna with local Romanesco and almond “ricotta,” housemade heirloom marinara, cashew béchamel and fresh basil pesto. This master creation will be appearing on future menus based on the crowd’s reaction.

Our final evening activity was dream work and interpretation with the amazing  Paula Chaffee Scardamalia – who gave us all a lot to think about as usual.

Goodnight Groundsea. #retreat #recharge #renew