Welcome to Groundsea Fitness

By Tracy Gaslow

The yoga mats are down, the table has been set, and the warm butternut squash/parsnip soup is simmering on the stove top.

With a new set of Groundsea Fitness guests due to arrive in several hours, the energy is palpable as founders and staff scurry through the house making sure everything is picture perfect.

This week’s retreat will begin with a late, light lunch followed by a vigorous, but brief hike through Great Barrington’s Flag Rock.

Guests will then be treated to signature massages in the cozy comfort of their rooms. Next up, a warm cup of homemade broth and some restorative yoga with resident guru Johanna Wise, LMT/RYT.

And so it begins…Check back for daily updates from Groundsea Fitness. #retreat #recharge #renew