Mexicali Corn-Nut Salad

We had so much fun transporting this fresh, layered salad with Southern Cali roots to the beautiful hills of the Berkshires. It incorporates fun & vibrant colors which stimulate the palate even before you take the first bite. Spicy corn is offset by the cool, crunchy butter lettuce, chilled beets & citrus zestiness in the dressing. A hearty nut-based meat-substitute rounds out this fabulously filling west-coast take on a traditional taco salad. Whether served in tall mason jars for easy mobility to a picnic, or in your bag for work—or arranged on a beautiful plate

Another beautifully fun attribute of this salad is that individual elements can be swapped as your own local, seasonal fruits and vegetables come into their prime. Beets could easily be replaced with fresh squash or zucchini, lettuces can be interchanged and even the blueberry balsamic dressing could be, instead, a smooth peach & cilantro vinaigrette for example. Quinoa could be substituted by any of the other fabulous ancient grains, too. In short, there are countless fun iterations of this four-seasons-long salad you can play around with.

Please click this link for the recipe, enjoy!