And That’s a Wrap: Read This Before You Re-Tox

By Hollie Levy

This was one of the greatest Groundsea Fitness retreats to date (and yes, we do say that every time, but we mean it every time!)

Re-entry is never easy after a fabulous four-day retreat. (Trust us, we know!) While we all count the days until we can return, it is easy to sprinkle a little Groundsea love into our ‘real’ lives and lifestyles:

Carve out some you time every day

Whether it is to go for a walk, listen to music or just close your eyes and breathe, always take time out for yourself. We love transcendental meditation and have all taken the class, but some try-before-you-buy apps are great such as Headspace.

Have a ball

Groundsea Fitness yoga director Johanna Wise, LMT/RYT, introduced guests to self-reflexology using a colorful ball under our feet as part of our yoga practice. It’s easy, relaxing ,and we all felt super grounded after the session. These are the top rated reflexology balls on Amazon.


Rigorous hikes are the cornerstone of the Groundsea Fitness program, but they likely aren’t part of your day to day. We get that, but moving every day is important for physical and mental health. Find something you like to do that works with your lifestyle and do it every day. As fitness director Allison Miller says, just because it is good for you doesn’t mean it shouldn’t also be fun.

Start Each Day with Bullet Proof Coffee

Bulletproof coffee is black coffee with grass-fed butter and medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) oil mixed in. These healthy fats keep blood sugar levels stable throughout the day, avoiding the ups and downs that come with blood sugar spikes and dips.  It’s also seriously delish, and can be easy to DIY.

Do a shot

Of Fire Cider, that is. OK, the homemade variety may be a tad too ambitious given your hectic home life, but you can buy a pre-made version on Amazon. We do our shots in the AM to boost our immunity and cool inflammation all day long.

Keep it up

Groundsea Fitness is the newest @Sakaralife affiliate! This means no more #Groundsea withdrawal. Guests can keep their Groundsea glow on longer thanks to this exciting partnership. Sign up for @Sakaralife using the code REF_GROUNDSEALOVE and get 15% off your first organic meal delivery program. They ship worldwide, and practice what we at Groundsea preach – portion controls, vegetarian meals and holistic nutrition.


Until next time…