Having a five-day experience during which everything was planned so thoughtfully allowed me the mental space to consider my health and well-being. I was able to identify some weaknesses/areas for improvement. But because the environment was so positive, I wasn’t thinking of myself negatively — I simply gained greater awareness of my body and my eating habits. After Groundsea I do feel better equipped to improve those two areas.C.M
It was such a treat to be able to be away and to focus only on my entire self—-My health, my fitness, my overall well being. Truly amazing. The food was incredible. The hikes were gorgeous and the overall layout of the program was absolutely perfect! I loved my daily massages!Alison Bernstein, Founder, Suburban Jungle Reality
Lyss Stern CEO Divamoms.com and mom of three says in one word #GroundSea = #FabULyss! The most #fabULyss much needed week away! The ultimate #MommyTimeOut #MTOLyss Stern CEO Divamoms.com